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Akron Blind Center, Inc.

White Cane Experience

The countdown has begun to participate in our signature event to be held October 12, 2019 at Lock 3 Park, starting at 9:00 AM.

About Your Day

Service animals especially come with a variety of benefits and help in many ways.  They give a blind
             person more confidence, friendship, and security.  Blind people who use service animals have increased
             confidence in going about day-to-day life and are comforted by a constant friend.

White Cane Experience

Our White Cane Experience is only one of many challenges that await you on a day filled with fun, age-related contests, games, prizes, demonstrations, giving and food, at the showcase of downtown- Lock 3 Park! You will have an opportunity to experience on a temporary basis what it is like to get around in a world without sight. There will be pilot dog demonstrations, incredible music, surprises and activities. Admission is free!


Our wonderful sponsors have an option of having a booth set up and banner presence. It will be marketed through, Rubber City News stations, at the event and many marketing and media sources, including on-sight radio-style broadcasting.

Corporate sponsorship is layered in tiers, depending upon the support offered. Platinum and Diamond level sponsorship enjoy greatest marketing volume before and at the event, choice of kiosk positioning and a sponsor award.

For further sponsor information, phone (330) 396-0425

The "Platinum" level is a monetary pledge of $2500 or more.

The "Diamond" level is for $1000 to $2499.

The "Gold" level is for $500 to $999.

The "Silver" level is for $100 to $499.

Platinum Sponsor

Akron Police Department

Delta Gamma Sorority

Lions Club International


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